Things You Should Know About Retail Employees: Part One

21 Jul

I have noticed that there are quite a few articles and blog postings about what customers should know when they walk into retail stores. Unfortunately, many retail workers only seem to get treated decently when their customers are fellow/veteran slaves of retail. With that in mind, I would like to create a few simple blog posts that highlight what I believe are the most important things customers should know about the local retail employees that they encounter on a regular basis:

1. We are not retarded. Customers may deny this, but I have noticed quite a large difference in the way that certain customers treat pharmacy technicians as opposed to front-store retailers. Most customers assume that the people who work up front are less intelligent than the people handling pharmaceuticals in the back of the store. Not true! In fact, about 85% of the people I have worked with (I’m one of those people who enjoy making up random statistics…just go with it) who have been fired worked in the pharmacy and made some really stupid mistakes. A lot of customers ask me questions, and whenever they find out that I go to a local private university, they act completely surprised. Just because I am young and working at a store does not mean that I am not intelligent or planning to have a (hopefully) better-paying and more respectable job in the future.

2. We don’t really care what you are buying, or what combination of items you are buying at one time. I notice that a lot of people tend to sweat bullets when they have to go into drug stores to buy condoms or lubricant. I am here to say that there is completely no reason at all to feel embarrassed about what you are buying. Most of the time, scanning items is something that we like to do very quickly and, therefore, what you buy just ends up becoming a blur. Want to buy sour cream, chocolate brownie mix, and a five-pack of Fleet enemas? Go for it! We really don’t judge any of the purchases we get just because we understand that we all have to buy embarrassing things every once in a while. We do, however, enjoy watching you squirm if you do choose to feel nervous/embarrassed. A few years ago, I had a fourteen year-old boy come up to buy a bottle of flavored personal lubricant, and he looked and me and told me he forgot something and that he would be right back. After thirty minutes of setting the bottle aside for him, I realized he had probably chickened out. With that being said, if you are young and buying something that terribly embarrasses you, maybe you should reconsider what you are doing, hmm?

3. You all smell. Okay not to be completely mean, but this is one of my own personal problems that I have with customers because I have a very sensitive nose. Men: Dousing yourselves in Axe cologne in the deodorant aisle does not make you more attractive, and it only results in a lot of elderly people hacking up lungs in the adjacent aisles. Women: If, for any reason, you feel compelled to buy Shalimar or Wind Song perfume, please feel free to contact me or your local department store…there are far better-smelling fragrances out there! Also, I really have a problem with people who come to our store right after having/cooking dinner. You may not notice it, but we all can smell whatever it was you were cooking or eating before you decided to hop into our store. Please consider a shower, a decent spray of perfume, or one of those handy Febreze bottles we sell down aisle 14.

4. If you really don’t need a plastic bag, please tell us. And if you need things double-bagged, please tell us before we start bagging your items! I believe that the amount of plastic bags that I hand out every day is completely sick, which is why I always ask customers if they want a bag for small items before I just go ahead and give them one. So please, if you have a cashier who is eco-conscious enough to ask something like that, please don’t be as rude as one customer was to me (“Um, of COURSE I want a bag….what are you thinking?” was her response, and even though she was wearing sunglasses in the store I could totally tell she was giving me the stink-eye). We ask because, really, God gave us two hands for a purpose. You really don’t need a tiny plastic bag to carry a lipstick that you can put in your purse or, heaven forbid, hold in your hand. On another note, I really find it rude when I bag all the items for a customer and try to be fast, and then they just stare at me for a while and then say “Oh, I kind of want those double-bagged.” Trust me, I wish that it was a requirement that all cashiers had to be psychic to work in retail, but sadly we are not. If you want things double-bagged, please tell us in the beginning of the transaction because it takes a lot more time to do if we have already placed all of your bags on the counter. Sheesh!

Feel that I am missing something regarding this topic? Have any suggestions? Let me know!


3 Responses to “Things You Should Know About Retail Employees: Part One”

  1. Adam July 21, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    I *love* reading this blog… probably mostly because I, too, am a former retail slave and I totally understand…

    “I wish it was a requirement for us to be psychic” – LOL.

    Keep writing!

    • rezuri July 22, 2010 at 2:29 am #

      Aw thank you Adam! ❤


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