An “Unpleasant Experience”

23 Jul

I know I said in my previous post that I was going to continue my topic about what customers should know about retail workers, but I have decided to push that to the side and focus on/rant about a customer that I had today. I would like to preface the story by saying this: I am going to start counting all the bad customers I get on certain days, because I’m pretty sure I get the most annoying ones when I have the shortest shifts…it’s like they can sniff it out!

Today I only worked for five hours, but it seemed like it was just one lunatic customer after another. First of all, I am pretty sure today was an unofficial “Bring Your Tumor to Work Day” because I saw not one, but TWO customers walking around with what can only be described as very large tumors. One was bubbling out of a man’s arm, and the other one was the size of an orange and protruding from the back of another man’s head. Gag me. Then, after Tumor One and Tumor Two were gone, I had another customer come in and bring her bike into the store, and then she walked around asking us all questions about how much things cost (Here’s a little tip: the prices are always underneath the items, and if they are all sale, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a sale sign underneath the item too!). She returned something without a receipt, so we had to give her a company gift card instead of money back, and then she made a point of running around trying to give her gift card to random customers because she “Doesn’t live here” and the card “Means nothing to [her]” due to the fact that she lives in Israel. Apparently crazy people from Israel just decide to fly into our city, rent bikes, and return random items! Not a single customer ended up taking her gift card, so she ended up buying a shit ton of pretzels for herself. All’s well that ends well, eh?

A few other crazy customers came in, one of which was actually a pleasant crazy customer considering we had a nice ten-minute long chat about how you should totally keep wearing your retainers even years after you get your braces off. My dentist thinks I’m crazy, but teeth do shift! Oh, and I also had to attempt to take a three-month old’s passport today, and the baby kept crying with her one fist up, so every picture I took made her look like an angry old mafia man. I really hope the mom keeps that picture for when she’s older!

But enough of the mildly-crazy people–let’s get to the juicy center of what happened today. To put it plainly, I had the most ignorant, unintelligent, rich old lady that I have ever had in my store. And trust me, I’ve had a lot. This particular elderbitch (this is my new nickname for elderly bitchy women…I also think Stephanie Meyer might use the same term for one of her little Twilight vampire clans. If not, you read it here first) was dressed in a nice silky-looking top and bottom, and she seemed like a sweet old lady. After watching her shakily grab things from her cart and put them on the counter, she began asking me why a certain bar of soap wasn’t on sale. So, I grabbed the flyer and I put on my Preschool Story Time voice and read to her the exact details/specifications of the sale. She still didn’t get it, and kept insisting that she wanted to get the sale. So I continued repeating what it said in the flyer in hopes that something would eventually click. Finally she decided to not get the soap…whatever. Then, she became confused because she happened to grab the one kind of weird-ass tuna that wasn’t on sale, I explained to her that she needed to grab another kind if she wanted the sale, and she argued with me about that too. I invited her to come back to the aisle so I could show her the sale sign, but she refused.

To make a long story short, this woman managed to find five things that were very similar to the other five items that we on sale, and then she acted like I was retarded because I wasn’t “understanding the sale.” I was with her, I kid you not, for about twenty minutes, and I was getting more and more frustrated because she was obviously upset and the more I tried to explain to her about the sales, the angrier we both got. I could actually feel my face heating up because I was getting so infuriated. Then, when I finally rang up the items that she decided she wanted, she started complaining to me about how her shopping experience today was “very unpleasant”. I felt like saying “Yeah, well this wasn’t exactly a bowl of ice cream for me either, elderbitch.” Then she started to walk away without paying! So I had to call her back and tell her the total. I said, “Okay, you still need to pay. Your total is $7.77” and she thought I was talking about one of the items on sale, and she said, “No! I thought the sale was for seventy-seven cents!” So then I spent another ten minutes trying to explain to her that she still owed me money. Throughout the whole transaction, two of my co-workers were up there laughing to themselves because they could see I was pretty much ready to smack her.

If there is anything anyone could take away from this rant, it is this: Please please please read sale signs and fliers carefully before you decide to come up to a cashier in line and argue about why things aren’t on sale. And if you are an old lady and used to just complaining and scaring people in order to get your way and get sales for things that really aren’t on sale, don’t come into my store because I will not give you want you want. Also, if you tend to discover that you are one of those people that never gets the sales right, never feel ashamed to walk up to a cashier and ask them to just find the sale items for you…it takes up a lot of less of our time as opposed to arguing with you about it while you are getting ready to pay. I feel bad that the woman was upset and confused, but she could have saved both of us a lot of trouble if she would have just read the signs carefully.


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  1. the Success Ladder July 25, 2010 at 12:02 am #

    Wonderful site and theme, would really like to see a bit more content though!
    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

    • rezuri July 25, 2010 at 8:54 am #

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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