“You Can Keep the Receipt!”

28 Jul

While waking up to read the daily news (you know, checking my Facebook), I came across an actual news piece posted by one of my fellow Facebook friends. This article, written by the Washington Post, discusses a rather alarming fact: 40% of receipts found in supermarkets contain bisphenol-A, which can cause many health problems, birth defects, etc. The most important part, of course, is how this all relates to retail workers. Another article that I found states that retail workers carry 30% more BPA in their bodies than other adults. In other words, working in retail not only kills your back, ruins your posture and decreases your faith in mankind, it also appears to be slowly killing us as well.

I wish I was a biochemistry major, but sadly I am not and, therefore, am not quite familiar with what exactly this means to fellow retail workers. Just based on the small amount of research I did, it seems that many people are overreacting to the existence of BPA in products. I believe, however, that a solution is easier than many may think: why don’t we just get rid of receipts? I mean, come on, I can’t even remember the last time I actually saw a customer use a receipt for its original purpose (to see how much their items cost and how much money they spent)! Most receipts are chucked into the trash unless a customer wants to return an item or if there is a coupon printed on it. Most of the time customers would much rather ask the cashier how much their items cost than look at the receipt that they have been given for that sole purpose. With this being said, I think it is time that retailers across the counter seriously take removing receipts completely into consideration. It would reduce the amount of paper used, it would decrease the risk of having elevated BPA levels in the body, and it would just make the lives of cashiers a hell of a lot easier. Coupons could just be added onto the various cards that retail stores have, and the transactions could probably be easily tracked through cards as well for refund purposes.

I’d love to hear what people think about this issue. Do you think the lives of retail workers are in peril? Do you think that carrying a receipt in your purse/wallet/pocket could be potentially harmful? Are you so sick of hearing about how basically everything in the world can cause cancer or some other terrible illness? Do you enjoy being asked questions?

I anticipate some very good responses!


2 Responses to ““You Can Keep the Receipt!””

  1. Adam July 28, 2010 at 7:40 am #

    Actually, at Apple stores you don’t get a paper receipt – they request your email address when you check out. (And, the best part, is that every time I go into an Apple store there are always elderly people there that bought Macs or are buying Macs, so you know it’s not like only focused on the tech-savvy generation). And, if you request a receipt, they print it out on printer paper, not the glossy receipt tape.

    • rezuri July 28, 2010 at 7:44 am #

      That’s really good that Apple does that! The store I work at seems to be one of the ones that has a higher BPA level on the receipts, too. I just think that receipts in general are becoming useless because, like you said, a large majority of us have email now. Sad thing is that I doubt corporate is going to even care about any of this! Thanks for the comment, Adam! ^_^

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