Receipts 101

18 Aug

Yesterday, during my eight-hour shift, I believe I broke a new record for myself–it honestly felt like I rang up close to 1,000 customers! And while I am sure that the number is exaggerated, I rang non-stop for eight hours, so that is still quite a lot of people. It wasn’t the amount of people who made it bad, however, it was the fact that it seemed like each person had carts filled to the brim with a lot of items. The only reasons I could think of for the spike in purchases yesterday is 1) a lot of back to school items, or 2) the world is going to end soon and apparently I didn’t get the memo. Either way, yesterday was quite exhausting and I felt like I got run over by a million squeaky, old carts.

I’d like to dedicate this post to the (many) consumers out there who are unfamiliar with exactly what kinds of duties receipts can fulfill. I do this not only because I have enough compassion in my heart to teach as many customers as possible about how to make their shopping experiences in retail better and more enjoyable, but also because some people are just absolutely stupid. Do you want a more enjoyable retail shopping experience? Do you feel/admit that you are a stupid person in general? Read on.

Receipts 101

1. Ever wondered what the store name, phone number, address, or in some cases Twitter account name are for a store you just visited? Check the receipt.

2. Ever wonder if you got the sale for those toenail clippers that you so desperately couldn’t pay full price for? Check the receipt. Hint: will most likely have “sale” on “saved [insert amount here]” written next to the item on the receipt paper.

3. Ever wonder how much you’ve saved in total at a particular store for a year or a sales quarter? Check the receipt. Hint: If you don’t usually scan your store card, when provided, you might be left in the dark on this one.

4. Still wondering why you didn’t get the proper sale on those toenail clippers? Refer to #3 above–perhaps you didn’t use your store card and, therefore, did not get a sale price!

5. Ever wonder how much a particular item cost? Check the receipt. If you are too lazy to check the receipt and ask the cashier to read it to you, then you should feel downright ashamed and stupid.

6. Ever wonder what the name of your cashier was or what the transaction number was? Yep–check the receipt!

7. Ever wonder why you are missing an item? Check the receipt–it could be possible that the item was never scanned and is still chilling there on the counter.

8. Ever wonder which credit card you used to pay for your transaction? Check the receipt. Or, if you are one of those customers who only write checks, take the receipt out (and the special little pen that you probably carry around with your Lion King checks) and write down the following sentence: “Bring debit/credit card in wallet next time so that I may not hold up the line writing out my Lion King check.”

9. Ever wonder if your coupons all got scanned? Check the receipt! After doing that, immediately go home and clip more coupons.

10. Ever wonder if you have a piece of scrap paper handy? Check for a receipt (which you have probably never read anyway) in your local wallet/purse. Voila!

As demonstrated, receipts can be quite handy and can answer the most pertinent questions that you may have about your transaction. Therefore, it isn’t really necessary to waste time asking the cashier questions that you can most likely answer yourself. If you are a person who, once given the receipt, just throws it back at the cashier and says “keep it”, then you’re left to fend for yourself and maybe you should consider not throwing anything, even paper, back at a cashier.

Questions? Comments? Confusion? Let me know if there are any other 101’s that you would like to read about!


One Response to “Receipts 101”

  1. Aaron Wakling August 18, 2010 at 10:00 am #

    Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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