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Prince Charles

17 Dec

It’s official: I’ve fallen in love with a member of the opposite sex and he is 100% my type. He can be playful and adventurous when he wants to be, but he’s also the kind of guy who just loves snuggling and fondly touching you in inappropriate places. I met him online and, I know this is crazy, but he moved in with me after just a week.

In case you haven’t figured out that a situation like this is highly unlikely for me, I’ll spell it out: I have a kitten.

Little Charlie

A few years ago, my mother revealed that she had been absolutely terrified after she had me (her first child). She confessed that she made my father change my diapers because she had never done it before. At the time, I had laughed and her and said “Come ON, Mom. It’s a baby. It’s so easy.” Man, was I wrong. I had waited forever to have my own place and my own cat, and the moment I had little Charlie, a 9 week-old kitten, in my car, I immediately began freaking out. I realized that, for the first time in my life, I was 100% responsible for the life of someone other than myself. I then proceeded to leave him in my car for ten minutes while I ran into PetSmart to get a litter box. Ten minutes in to taking care of a small life and I was already abandoning him. Go me!

Two days ago, I went into a Walgreens and asked for my items to be triple bagged. The cashier looked at me oddly and muttered “Okay…”. I leaned in and said “Trust me. I need them for my kitten. He poops. A LOT.” Suddenly I have become one of those people who talks about their pets, including their bodily functions, openly in public. I’m not embarrassed in the least (which somewhat worries me). What worries me even more, however, is the fact that my mother has begun referencing Charlie as her “grandson” to others. Poor woman.

Nevertheless, having a kitten has been a great experience so far. It’s great to come home to the cutest little tuxedo cat that I’ve ever seen, and it’s been incredibly awesome having a little warm fuzzball fall asleep on my lap on such cold winter nights. Currently we are in the midst of completing the Millenium trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series) on Netflix. Don’t worry– I’ve covered his eyes during the more adult scenes.

Expect more interesting (and probably more well written) posts soon! I hope everyone has a happy holiday.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered what my voice sounds like, head over here to listen to me reading two of my most recent blog entries at this amazingly awesome girl’s Tumblr, Simply Spoken Word.

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