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From Robot to Rawr!

3 Nov

I must admit that I absolutely love Zooey Deschenel’s new show on FOX, New Girl. While promoting before the show’s premiere, they used one word to describe Zooey’s character, Jess: adorkable. God only knows how much money was put into that marketing campaign. Jess, however, is a new class of character that has joined forces with other trendy and somewhat neurotic nerds on primetime such as The Big Bang Theory and Community. All of a sudden it seems that being an awkward nerd is more sociably acceptable than ever before.

That’s where I come in. I am the polar opposite of “adorkable.” I don’t have moments where I trip, my perfectly placed hair bounces about and my doe eyes widen as a million attractive male spectators quickly move in to help out. Instead, according to my family, I am tall and awkward and sometimes when I’m not thinking my hands are posed awkwardly like a dinosaur’s. I’m not adorkable, I’m a Reptard. A retarded fictional ice skating dinosaur. Seriously, it’s pretty much the best way to describe me.

I firmly believe that there are other reptards like me out there, waiting in the distance and believing that the rest of their species is extinct. Hopefully this blog, which will be taking over the now defunct Retail Robot, will convince enough fellow reptards, or adorkables, in to believing that they dodged the giant meteor, are roaming free and certainly far from expiration.

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